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social media marketing

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 social-media is you can easily save and share the user-generated image on your brand's profile page (giving credit, of course, but also making the person feel special and eager to show their moment in the spotlight to their friends). Unify these types of posts with a hashtag that you can track across all platforms to hunt down more customer-generated content, and even add a subtle link to the product or service in question if you think your audience won't mind. For an additional layer of persuasion, you could experiment with adding a short customer testimonial in the form of a text overlay on top of an image of a happy customer, both to spread


social media

What Is Social Media Marketing?

social-media cheer about your brand and help convert others into willing buyers. Note: As a quick and powerful aside to your social media efforts, including customer images on the product pages of your website for top-notch social proof. Include instructions with your product (on the packaging, confirmation email, etc.) to let customers know how to tag you on Facebook, Instagram, etc., then use a website plugin to have the images automatically appear on your site. Show off product features in images or infographics People viewing and buying products online

 don't have the ability to examine them as they would in real life, so high-quality product images with added details (or a link to where they can be found) are extremely important to social media marketing. Add annotations to an image of a product or service to show off features that might not be immediately obvious, e.g. the special type of fabric used in a garment, how efficient your delivery times are, or the wondrous technology hidden inside a gadget. Infographics also work well to display lots of information - especially numbers and other data related to your brand, often based on a seasonal theme - in an

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