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Best Social Media Ads

spur emotion, or broadcast a gripping message. It doesn't really matter if the image shows an experience related to your brand or not; the important thing is to help reinforce the kinds of emotions you want customers to associate with your company. Research by Buffer found that self-explanatory, stand-alone images perform better than those that need explanation and clarification in the accompanying description. In essence, if your image needs a caption to make any sense at all (rather than to elaborate and provide more value), it might not be as effective as you want it to be.


social media

The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising

 Share a special offer, discount code, or upcoming event
People love special offers, and images are a great way to highlight them in a bold and imaginative way - whether it's the launch of a season-long promotion, a one-off event, or a week where each day brings a new deal (a great way to encourage people to visit your social profiles multiple times). Compound an image's impact with accompanying text that includes a link for fans to access the offer/get more information, a time limit that will add a sense of urgency, and a call to action

social-media that will drive click-throughs. Where upcoming events, products, and services are concerned, make a point of regularly highlighting these moments on social channels, and to continually differentiate yourself from the competition. Where relevant, make a point of accompanying such images with words like "new" and "limited time only" to convey your brand as fresh and forward-thinking and to pique the curiosity of your customers. Note: As an extra way to drive engagement, design an image that tells fans that they'll gain

 access to a secret sale, discount code, etc. if said image receives a certain amount shares. Set a realistic target based on your existing audience and predicted reach, because you do really want to hit it and reward those who were interested. Show customers enjoying your products and services There is no greater form of social proof than customers showing others how much they are enjoying your product or service. Doing so with an image is an extremely powerful way of converting people into customers because it helps people associate positive emotions with your brand,

 whether the photo is snapped by you or - even better - user-submitted. Smartphones make it extremely easy for people to capture and share experiences with your brand as they happen, so encourage your customers and fans to do just that when they are at your premises (with signs or purpose-made "group photo/selfie spots" with an interesting background, for example.), out and about, or at home (e.g., "Post a photo in the comments to show us the view you see while listening to our podcast"). Actively encourage customers to tag or mention your profile in updates containing photos, so that when you are notified

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