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Why You're Failing at Social Media Advantages 

 discussions. These questions can be about a product or event related to your business, a quick trivia quiz, or just about the wider world. The types of questions that work best include those about preference ("Do you prefer product A or product B?"); Yes or No (Are you a fan of X?"); those that ask for opinions ("What's your favorite flavor of ice-cream we offer?"); or ones that politely challenge ("Opening our second Canadian store this month - guess where?"). Even just ending a status update with “do you agree?” or “what do you think?” is enough to encourage people to get involved. The simplest question can be useful in achieving impressive

Why You're Failing at Social Media Advantages
Why You're Failing at Social Media Advantages 

 levels of engagement (and consumer insight!), provided that the subject captures the attention of your audience, particularly if it takes little or no effort to respond. As with a simple text post, this strategy can be combined with (or implemented within) a powerful image - keep reading for more information. Interestingly, where you ask the question in a status update also affects engagement rates. Posing a question at the end of a post - compared to somewhere in the middle where it can easily get ignored - can increase engagement by up to 15%, according to a study by Buddy Media.

Social Media

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  18. Why You're Failing at Social Media Advantages 

 Note: Similar to the above – and also commonly used – are 'fill in the blank' posts as a way to encourage engagement. They're successful because fans will only have to type one or two words at the most to respond, e.g., "If you could live anywhere in the world, it would be _______."  Tell your story and feature the stories of your customers Every brand and individual has a story to tell, whether through text or (often better) through visuals; we’re hard-wired to react and respond to a compelling tale. Use social media as a destination

 where fans can get to know you and your brand much better than they can through simply viewing the products or services that you sell; make it a place where your voice, personality, and authenticity can shine through. Interesting and engaging topics of conversation to cover include why you launched your company, your achievements and failures and what you learned from them, what motivates you, and the people and events that inspire you. In essence, show customers that you share their thoughts and ideals, and become a brand that they want to emotionally invest in, which will eventually lead to loyalty and sales. In

 addition to your own stories, your customers or clients will always have fun and interesting stories about how you and your product or service fit into their lives (and often it's going to be more interesting than content you could come up with yourself), so encourage them to share their tales with you (through text, photos, and videos), so that you can feature them as part of your content strategy. Doing so will excite and please the customers in question, encourage them to spread the love about your brand, help to build a stronger community around your product or service, and also act as strong social proof to others about how

 your brand positively impacts people's lives. Dig into problems you solve, share your expertise, and be valuable One of the most effective ways to influence social media users into connecting with you on a social and emotional level is to position your brand as an authority - a source that they can trust and respect, and whom they can rely on for the information or experience they desire. One of the best ways to do this is to dig into the problems you solve and demonstrate your expertise. By this, I don't mean you should start boasting about how

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